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I was absolutely delighted to be asked by the wonderful Bronte Clare Mitchell (Editor of Femme Country Magazine) to contribute three new wonderful recipes for the Summer Edition of the magazine. She shared my journey of founding Clockface Beauty and now the progression to the launch of Sarah J Thomas Lifestyle and within that Sarah J Thomas Bakes.

I have shared some images below, but you can order your copy directly from their website.

The Value of Confidence

“Confidence is the best fashion accessory” Vivienne Westwood

How I got there

To explain the value of confidence, I think I need to tell you my own journey of how I got there. After two caesareans with my boys and the journey of re-educating myself after being diagnosed as gluten intolerant really took its toll on my body, I was actually quite proud that I never exercised, had owned the same trainers since I was at school and to the most part ate what I wanted and only properly cooked when we were entertaining, the only thing I truly looked after (and received the compliments on) was my skin. But, and it was a big but, I was definitely not body confident and it was because of that, nearly two years ago I decided I needed to change. It was strange, like someone had flicked a switch in me that I needed to get healthier, fitter and more importantly take back ownership of my own body. I began cooking everything I and the family ate from scratch (which is like a military operation as I work more than full time and the kids are like starving hungry beasts that never fill!), training five times a week, obviously the knock on effect of this was weight loss, which was one of my personal goals as my BMI was obese and I was far too lethargic for a woman in her early 30’s. 3 and 1/2 stone lighter and two years on I feel at my physical best that I have for years, it’s insane how much more energy I have and my confidence has changed beyond recognition.

Don’t be afraid of it

To start with I was fairly afraid of being more confident as I also care what people think. But by whole heartedly embracing it, it’s lead me to here, a point where I help others with their style, confidence, self worth and all organically, what started as me exploring my style meant others asked me to develop theirs, I realised I was actually very good at it, and not only that, I get that same incredible feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I make someone feel beautiful that I do when we hear about how Clockface Beauty skin care products have transformed their skin.

The power of feeling good through looking good

Finding my style and exploring fashion has been like putting in the final piece of the jigsaw, it’s allowed me to find me, the power of feeling good in how you look should never be underestimated. This certainly does not mean loosing weight that was something personal to me that I felt I needed to do, what it does mean is that you can (hopefully with my help) use fashion to embrace who you are already, hone your style and feel beautiful and empowered in every way.

How I can help

So I am here, sharing my journey with you, being a full time Founder and CEO of a fast growing skincare business, raising boys, running a home, cooking for my family and friends, and now being a part time stylist. I want to use what I have learned to help you grow not only your self worth but confidence too, a great place to start is with beautiful glowing skin and a style that gives you swagger. However I can help you I am here, if you want to use any of my  fashion advice services please get in touch or for skincare pop over to our website www.clockfacebeauty.com and head straight to the skin clinic.



The Importance of Accessories

“Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman” Michael Kors

In the world of fashion and styling it is not all about the clothes, actually for me its more about how you accessorise a look that actually makes it stylish. It allows you to enhance, elevate and individualise your look. It also allows you the freedom to transition a outfit from day to night, perhaps swapping those boots for heels, stud earrings to statement pieces and adding a fabulous belt to show off or create your curves.


Equally it allows you to express who you are, bringing perhaps a main stream look and turning it into your own, this could be through a pop of colour or adding a well tied scarf, the possibilities are endless.


It allows you to repeat the same outfit time and again but dressing it differently gives you the flexibility of a whole new style. Just be sure to pick out different accessories that accentuate the ensemble.

Add colour

Use your accessories to embrace colour, small accents here and there. For example adding coloured earrings can transform a basic white tee into instant glamour.

What about Make up as an Accessory

I use lipstick as one of my accessories, I love using bright vibrant lipsticks within my personal styling, for me they uplift my mood and tie a whole look together.

Check out my Accessories Edit – Shoe & Bag Combinations to help you get started.

Ultimately fashion accessories allow you to individualise a outfit and can also really help hone your style. 



Favourite Independents for Jewellery

“Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear” Iris Apfel

And I couldn’t agree more!

If you want to read more on how your jewellery can change your outfit then please have a look at my blog “The Importance of Accessories“. Now, on to my favourite independents, I find that whilst they will be more expensive than high street fast fashion jewellery the cost per wear works out so much better. You can’t beat in investing in pieces you can restyle over and over again, and that are made with quality, bespoke design and love at their heart. Here are my top three favourites Soru Jewellery, The Jewel Jar and Heavenly Necklaces, I own pieces from all three so I first hand know their quality and beauty. Scroll down to see my favourite items from each independent store.

Soru Jewellery

Soru Jewellery is founded by two half English-Sicilian sisters Francesca Kelly and Marianna Doyle in Solihull, “Fuelled by their love of jewellery and desire to create luxe stand out pieces with high quality materials at attainable prices”.

There pieces are stunning, statement, investment items of amazing quality.


Pink Eternal Heart Earrings

Silver Double Heart Earrings


Treasures Laran Pendant Necklace, Gold

Ionian Necklace


Coral Ring

Twilight Ring

The Jewel Jar

“Where style meets affordable luxury, a platform inspired by and created for the multifaceted woman of today”. I have chatted with Parneet, the brand founder through Instagram many times, she is such a wonderful and inspiring lady, who chooses exquisite designers and pieces to showcase through her store.


Pastel Drop Earrings

Interlink Mirror Dangle Earrings


Dual Chain Coin Necklace

Half Moon Pendant with Swarovski Crystals


Green Amethyst Mesh Ring

Rose Gold Shell Ring

Heavenly Necklaces

Heavenly Necklaces “sells the world’s finest collection of imitation diamond jewellery, as well as fabulous real gems” and it really does, the pieces are beautiful, individual and of high quality. I have many, many items from here which you will regularly see featured in the “My Style” section.


The Bedouin Earrings

The New Romantics Gold Pearl Earrings


Never Break The Chain Necklace

The Pink Mon Cœur Necklace


The New Romantics Leo Ring

The Fabulous Red Garnet Guinevere Ring




Afraid of wearing colour – Don’t be!

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” Coco Chanel

Embracing colour doesn’t mean going full neon or wearing that bright orange you think washes you out, but colour also allows us to be a little more adventurous and really enhance and brighten up your look. So how do you introduce colour into your wardrobe?


Now, I sound a little like a broken record, somehow accessories creep into all my blogs, but there is good reason for that! They can totally finish and enhance an outfit, and are one of the best ways to express your style. One of my friends described the fact that all my outfits look complete as them being “polished”, and that is completely down to how I take that dress from a high street store, mix it up with some bold earrings and bracelet and suddenly it looks different, more individual and often more luxury. So be bold with your accessory choices, if you are wearing black, team with some red, pink or blue earrings, or why not embrace the neon trend through your colour choice of necklace. Take a nice clean look and add a pop of colour – go on give it a try!

Gently does it

Perhaps start with something like a pink shirt to go with those jeans instead of always reaching for the neutrals, and wear it a few times so you get used to seeing yourself (and others get used to seeing you too!) in it, when you feel amazing, the next step might be a coloured trouser.

You definitely don’t need to scrap your neutrals

If that is your thing, then embrace it, but there is nothing to stop you teaming it up with something like a blush pink pair of sandals, or a deep mustard heel. The colour can happily sit alongside the colour palette you are already comfortable with.

Colour through print

A printed top or even a scarf with a neutral background, can be the perfect way to ease yourself into colour, create a bold statement but in a way that is comfortable for you.

I believe anyone can and should embrace colour, note how you feel at the end of the day when you’ve added a little splash, from personal experience my brightly coloured clothes seem to attract a compliment which always feels amazing. Start small with jewellery or shoes, find the colours that work for you and make you feel great, and work your way up to that gorgeous bright dress you just never dared to wear – I promise you won’t regret it!

Not sure where to start, here are my top choices for the beginning of your colour journey, Introducing Colour – The Edit



Building your confidence through your personal style

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” Coco Chanel

All you have to do is find yours.

Style for me is all about expressing who you are, showing yourself through your clothes, make up and accessories. What you wear should be as individual as you are, it can be great to follow trends but there is definitely nothing wrong in making it your own. Fashion can and should be an extension of you, where you present who you are through your creative style, just be whatever excites you and who you are.

Finding my style and creative edge has really grown my confidence, and I found my style by learning to dress for me, what I feel great in, I don’t feel held back by what others don’t agree with or appreciate, I wear the pieces that mean something to me, what suits my personality and my shape and ultimately what makes me feel good.

Here are my top tips on building your confidence through finding your own personal style.

Enjoy it

We all have them, but don’t allow your body hang ups to prevent you from enjoying what you wear. Having fun with clothing, dressing in line with who you are and not taking it too seriously really helps you to develop your own personal style.

Drawing upon Inspiration

It’s wonderful to take inspiration from those around you, either on Instagram or it could just be a person you saw when you were out for dinner who you thought looked beautiful (and as a side note never be afraid to compliment others or ask them where they bought that gorgeous dress from). Style is definitely personal, and that’s the joy, but you can buy that same dress, but you might team it with a brightly coloured handbag and matching shoes it suddenly becomes yours. It’s a wonderful feeling to then think you might then become someone else’s inspiration.

Also by feeling inspired it may take you a little out of your current comfort zone and help you discover what you really love but have always been afraid to choose.

Be comfortable

Don’t keep the clothes that make you feel bad, there should be no place in your wardrobe for them, we’ve all made the mistake of wearing that outfit you don’t feel right in and regret it for the day, I’ve found it can really effect my confidence. Wearing something you feel good in can completely change your outlook for the day. Only keep space in your wardrobe for only the things that you love, that may mean less, and that is totally ok. I have a beautiful Valentino belt that I wear more times than anything else in my wardrobe, and in days gone by I would have felt I was wearing it too much, but I wear it individually each time and I never fail to feel myself and good in it.

Dress your best everyday

This I know for the people I have styled can be one of the single biggest factors in a complete change of self confidence and belief. When growing up I was taught to save outfits for best, for that family occasion, this meant beautiful pieces sitting in the wardrobe often only worn one or two times yet those were the days you felt your best. Don’t wait until for these moments, not just occasions but goals too, often we are waiting until we become our desired weight or until we can buy luxury. My motto, just dress the best for who you are today and within a budget that works for you.

Show off your best features

What better way to feel confident through style than enhancing those parts of you that you already feel most confident about. Don’t focus on the bits you would prefer to hide and celebrate the features you love. That may not be the same thing everyday, are you having a great hair day? Can you create a look around that, perhaps something simple or neutral in tone so that you focus is on your hair. Have you had your nails done? Put on your best bracelets and rings, draw attention to it, feel good with it.

I love seeing peoples confidence develop as they learn more about what works best for them and how to use clothes to show of  their amazing personality. So overall I am saying….

Embrace you

Natural stone & Rose Gold bracelets

“Beauty the way nature intended” Clockface Beauty

You will see within “My Style” that I hardly ever don’t have accompanied with my outfit the beautiful bracelets we designed and have handmade for Clockface Beauty.

For me they have almost become a comfort blanket as well as a fashion accessory, yes they are beautiful, the stones each carefully chosen, but not just on their appearance. Each has its own property, the Blue Angelite is a powerful stone that was discovered in Peru in the 1980s. Associated with the wind, it has a beautiful milky blue appearance that is believed to have a calming effect on your mind and the Peruvian Pink Opal is still worshipped today as a healing and protective stone. It is considered one of the most important healing stones that can have a profound effect on a person’s mood. It’s often referred to as the “stone of spiritual awakening” due to the powerful vibrations that it holds. I really feel that when I wear them.

I cannot recommend enough for both this reason and their versatility when styling with your outfit, head on over and take a look. They can be worn individually or stacked as pairs or a trio, my favourite combination is the Peruvian Pink Opal paired with the Swarovski pearl.

Peruvian Pink Opal & Rose Gold 

Swarovski Pearl & Rose Gold 

Angelite & Rose Gold


I’d love to hear what which is your favourite.


My Depop

Depop – shop my clothes

Please check out my depop account @sjt2905, where you will see some amazing bargains from clothes you may well have seen within “My Style”, I really look after all my items, so they are always in fabulous condition.

Shop my Depop

Top ELA London Picks for Summer 2021

Top ELA London Picks for Summer 2021

I’ve well and truly fallen in love with ELA London. Their curated collections feature beautiful emerging and established brands from everywhere from London to LA.

I can’t tell you how proud I was to have Clockface Beauty stocked in their store, and to see our products lined up beside so many exceptional indie brands. You can visit their site or pop into their store, and browse a beautiful range of our products including the Cleansing Balm and Facial Serum.

But today I want to share with you some of the other beautiful pieces you can pick up from ELA London! I can sit and browse their site for hours, but I’ve pulled together a handful of some of my favourite pieces to share with you. Now I just need to fill my diary with social engagements!

Elisabetta Franchi SS21 Skinny Trousers


Celia B Azucena Dress in Pink

Elena Antoniades Elva Frill Midi Dress

Clockface Beauty Face Moisturising Balm

ELA London Three Drop Earrings in Gold

Bec & Bridge Versailles Knit Top

ELA London Three Colour Ventalia Drop Earrings

Elisabetta Franchi Bodysuit-style Blouse with Horse Bit Print

Celia B Hortensia Mini Dress

I’d love to hear what you think of my choices, or if you’ve found something even more special, send them over for me to see.