Low Calorie Curried Chicken Flat breads

Low Calorie Curried Chicken Flat breads

One of the most asked questions I have been asked through my body transformation journey is around what recipes I cook. Over the years I have created a set of low calorie, healthy balanced meals perfect for lunch or a light evening option and this is one of them. The recipe serves 2.


300g piccolini tomato
4 flatbreads (I recommend the M&S folded ones at 107 cals each)
3 heaped tbsp lighter crème fraiche
1 lime both zest and juice
1 heaped tsp mild curry powder
1 crushed garlic clove
70g wild rocket
2 heck chicken burgers
Salt & pepper to season


1. Cook the heck burgers according to the instructions on the packet

2. Add the crème fraiche, garlic, lime (zest & juice) and mild curry powder in a bowl and mix until all combined. Season with salt and pepper to taste

3. Chop the tomatoes in to halves reserve half for the flat breads and divide the other half between two plates. Do the same with the lettuce.

4. Warm the flat breads in the oven when the burgers have 2 mins left to cook. Then remove from oven with the burgers

5. To assemble, divide the remaining lettuce and tomatoes between the four warmed flat breads. Cut the cooked burgers into 6 strips each and put 3 strips in each flat bread on top of the salad. Top generously with the curried crème fraiche and re fold to make a sandwich.

6. Top the salad and the flat breads with any remaining crème fraiche sauce.

TOTAL CALORIES PER PERSON – 397 cals. Macro split Fat 11.4g Carbs 39.4g Protein 29.8g


ENJOY! If you opt for Low Calorie Curried Chicken Flat breads, please do share a picture!