5 ways to use your Essential Oil Blends

5 ways to use your Essential Oil Blends

The Clockface Beauty Essential Oil Blends are one of my favourite products that we launched towards the end of 2020. We loved the idea of surrounding yourself with Clockface Beauty. Natural fragrance that can transform the mind is such a key part of our brand, so the idea of furthering upon this was very exciting. These natural oils have a range of benefits, one being that their scent and essence can be used to destress and calm the mind.

We developed three beautiful blends, Sleep, Rejuvenate and our Signature Blend, as well as a limited-edition warming Winter Blend. Beautiful fragrances that can relax the mind, ignite your senses and transform your mood.

What’s wonderful about the Clockface Beauty Essential Oil blends is that there are so many uses for them around your home. So I thought I’d share my top 5 ways to surround yourself in Clockface Beauty.

1. Turning the home into a twilight spa

On a night, once the children are in bed and the house is quiet, I add a few drops of the Signature Blend to an oil burner. The fragrance is delicately released into the air and it transforms my home into a calming haven.

2. A relaxing bath

I love adding a few drops o foil to my bath for a spa-like experience! You can either add a few drops to the bath water, or mix with your favourite bubble bath then pour under running water. Your skin will be left hydrated and the steamy bathroom will be filled with the most beautiful, calming fragrance.

3. Enhance the workspace

This feels like such a luxury, and why not? When I’m working at my desk and trying to motivate myself to get through admin or paperwork, I love to use the Rejuvenate Blend in my oil burner. This vibrant fragrance is so invigorating and absolutely lifts my mood and productivity levels.

4. Finishing touches

Spread across my home are bowls of acorns which the boys love to pick around autumn time. I add a few drops of my favourite oils to the bowl which fills the room with delicious scents of chamomile, cedarwood and mandarin. I love this tip, and you can even add a few drops to your pot pourri to freshen it up.

5. A soothing sleep

If you’re like me, it can sometimes be difficult to switch off after a busy day. My mind will be running through the day, and I start processing what tomorrow will bring. If you’re in a similar position, try adding a few drops of the Sleep Blend to an oil burner in your bedroom an hour before bed. The room will be filled with the most soothing, calming scent that will honestly carry you into a cosy sleep.

If you’ve got your own ideas for how to use the range, I’d absolutely love to hear it. And if you’d like to purchase an Essential Oil Blend, simply head to the Clockface Beauty website!