The joy of personalised jewellery


The joy of personalised jewellery

It’s lovely to have bold statement jewellery, in fact I have written a whole blog on it! But for me the items in my jewellery box that are the most precious and that I wear the most often are those with little monetary value but maximum sentimental. I wanted to talk specifically about an item you will often see within “My Style”, my gorgeous necklace from Phillipa Herbert, it is Rose Gold (anyone that knows Clockface and has seen it’s branding will know how much I love Rose Gold!), and has two small disc charms on the bottom, one with an imprint of Alfie’s fingerprint and one of Henry’s.

Nick organised the original necklace for my first Mother’s day present after Alfie was born, I don’t think I took it off at all for about 3 years! Then he had Henry’s charm made up for the Mother’s Day after he came along. It is beyond precious and I am pretty sure gives me super powers, I wear it to all the important things in my life or whenever I need a little courage, I know the boys are right there with me, cheering me on.

Aside from my engagement and wedding rings, which always mean I have my husband close, I have a gorgeous ring from my Mum, her Nanna gave it to her for her 18th, again, it has zero monetary value, but I never take it off. It has her maiden name initials barely still inscribed on the surface, it’s discreet, understated but extremely beautiful, it reminds me of someone I never even got to meet (my Great Nanna), and again brings me a sense of strength just by wearing it.

Why am I telling you all this? Firstly, wear the pieces that make you feel loved, beautiful or just that little bit more courageous, but also never underestimate the power of sentiment. I cannot recommend enough my beautiful finger print necklace, I will carry and wear these precious memories around with me forever, if you have children or just someone you really care about I would urge you to consider a personalised piece.



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