Wardrobe Consultation – Medium Wardrobe (duration 4 hours)


I will be in touch via email to discuss dates, the current waiting time is up to 3 months.


Have a wardrobe you love to wear

For when your wardrobe needs a new vision; I will visit your home and help you hone and refine what is in your wardrobe (clothing, shoes and accessories). We will go through your body shape, personality, existing shopping habits, expectations, budget and lifestyle, so we can determine exactly what you are looking to achieve. We will organise and edit what you have, then create a shopping list of the items that are missing.

You can then either shop for these items alone or add the Online Personal shop to do directly afterwards.

I can help you to establish the image that you want to present and make. I can also help you to add a fresh flair to your wardrobe, and add items that help you look good, but most importantly feel amazing.

Once you have placed the order I will get in touch via email to schedule a date.

If you are not sure which wardrobe category you would require please send a message to me@sarahjthomas.com

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion, every day celebrating life is a special occasion”
Sarah J Thomas


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