Finger Sandwiches


Finger Sandwiches

Serves 2 – Part of “Your Perfect Afternoon Tea


Pre sliced brown bread 2 slices
Pre sliced white bread 4 slices
¼ cucumber cut into slices
2 eggs hard boiled (8 minutes), cooled and sliced
50g smoked salmon
25g full fat cream cheese
25g mayonnaise
Spreadable butter


1. Remove all crusts from the bread and butter each slice

2. On two white slices spread mayonnaise

3. On two white slices spread cream cheese

4. Cut each slice into half to create your “fingers”

5. Add the sliced cucumber into the buttered brown bread

6. Add the sliced egg into the mayonnaise white bread

7. Add the smoked salmon to the cream cheese white bread

8. Arrange on the lowest plate if using a cake stand


ENJOY! If you opt for Finger Sandwiches, please do share a picture!

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