Afraid of wearing colour – Don’t be!


“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” Coco Chanel

Embracing colour doesn’t mean going full neon or wearing that bright orange you think washes you out, but colour also allows us to be a little more adventurous and really enhance and brighten up your look. So how do you introduce colour into your wardrobe?


Now, I sound a little like a broken record, somehow accessories creep into all my blogs, but there is good reason for that! They can totally finish and enhance an outfit, and are one of the best ways to express your style. One of my friends described the fact that all my outfits look complete as them being “polished”, and that is completely down to how I take that dress from a high street store, mix it up with some bold earrings and bracelet and suddenly it looks different, more individual and often more luxury. So be bold with your accessory choices, if you are wearing black, team with some red, pink or blue earrings, or why not embrace the neon trend through your colour choice of necklace. Take a nice clean look and add a pop of colour – go on give it a try!

Gently does it

Perhaps start with something like a pink shirt to go with those jeans instead of always reaching for the neutrals, and wear it a few times so you get used to seeing yourself (and others get used to seeing you too!) in it, when you feel amazing, the next step might be a coloured trouser.

You definitely don’t need to scrap your neutrals

If that is your thing, then embrace it, but there is nothing to stop you teaming it up with something like a blush pink pair of sandals, or a deep mustard heel. The colour can happily sit alongside the colour palette you are already comfortable with.

Colour through print

A printed top or even a scarf with a neutral background, can be the perfect way to ease yourself into colour, create a bold statement but in a way that is comfortable for you.

I believe anyone can and should embrace colour, note how you feel at the end of the day when you’ve added a little splash, from personal experience my brightly coloured clothes seem to attract a compliment which always feels amazing. Start small with jewellery or shoes, find the colours that work for you and make you feel great, and work your way up to that gorgeous bright dress you just never dared to wear – I promise you won’t regret it!

Not sure where to start, here are my top choices for the beginning of your colour journey, Introducing Colour – The Edit



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