No Makeup, Makeup Routine


No Makeup, Makeup Routine

I’ve obviously got a bit of a passion for skincare. I love learning about what our skin needs to thrive, what will give us that healthy glow, and what will give us the long terms nourishment that we need.

I always follow my routine. So I cleanse twice a day, I moisturise religiously, I treat my skin with masks and I use the Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Face Scrub to slough away dead skin cells. So during lockdown, I really enjoyed not covering up my skin with makeup. I let my skin breathe but I still wanted to look put together, especially as I was jumping on Instagram Live a lot and responding to Ask Sarah videos throughout the day.

So I started to get experimental with my skincare and came up with the following tips!


My skin looked glowy and even after moisturising with the Signature Facial Serum, but I missed that pop of sheen that my highlighter gives me. So I used our Moisturising Balm and patted a tiny amount across my cheekbones. It bounces off the light perfectly for a healthy highlight affect, and gives a gorgeous dose of hydration too.

Eyebrow Gel

This is one of my favourite techniques! Grab our Lip Balm and use a small amount to smooth your eyebrows into place. Your brows will look perfectly groomed, and you’ll get a beautiful boost of nourishment and hydration.


On any days when I really needed a bit of coverage for example after a late night with the boys – I made my own CC cream by mixing a couple of drops of my usual foundation with a small amount of Moisturising Balm. This gives the perfect dewy base which conceals any redness or blemishes, plus our Moisturising Balm has antiseptic properties which will help heal your blemishes throughout the day.


The Signature Lip Balm is all I need. Especially when having to wear a mask so much throughout the day, a good lip balm will keep your skin soft and hydrated. If I really need a pop of colour though, I fill in my lips with a deeper toned lip pencil for a really chic lip stain.

Click HERE to watch my full no makeup, makeup routine. And if you’ve got your own tips for how to adapt your skincare into the perfect makeup product, I’d love to hear it!

Since the release of this video on our IGTV, we decided to package together the products you’d need to recreate this natural look, which you can now shop HERE.

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