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“Glowing skin is always in”

I love the feeling of confidence that comes from healthy, nourished, glowing skin everyday. It wasn’t always this way, anyone that knows the journey of Clockface Beauty will have heard it a million times, but when I was pregnant with Alfie I suffered with terrible hormonal skin, not just on my face but on my body too, particularly the tops of my legs. My confidence really took a battering, I wanted to hide my face or smother it in make up (which believe me only makes the cycle worse). I also began really looking at ingredients as I was conscious about certain things not recommended for use on pregnant women and I found it so unbelievably frustrating the lack of transparency of ingredient listings as they are nearly always just labelled in their INCI (Latin) name.

My wonderful Mum, and specialist scientist with over 30 years experience, created for me what has gone on to become our Signature Collection Facial Serum, an all natural, organic, waterless, truly transformative product that soothed and healed my skin and gave me the gift of skin confidence, and just like that our Clockface Beauty journey began. We ensured every label contained ingredient common names too so you can feel informed about what’s in our formulations too.

Skincare however is not only about finding the best products containing the right ingredients, but also very crucially about being consistent. I understand when you have issues with your skin the temptation is to look for what people are using on Instagram, what you’ve found on Google, the latest product a high street store is promoting, literally throwing the kitchen sink at it! You are often left with either at best no solution and at worst a greater problem. The best thing you can do is be consistent.

It’s what I tell every single client and respond with on every “Ask Sarah” with, I’ll provide you the solution, you then need to be consistent, stick with those products only and keep your routine the same (unless you have an allergy or reaction to any type of ingredient then of course I would say stop using it). But we find, you get that instant result, the clear up of that acne, the dulling of the rosacea or the fine lines appearing minimised and then people stop, they have that immediate elation but then slip back into habits of not removing make up or stopping that weekly mask. If you do, the problems will reoccur, your skin is like anything else, it needs maintenance. We have deliberately tried to avoid the huge number of steps in any persons routine to make it easier, if you have less time you are still able to enjoy, but there is plenty there for those who also enjoy the ritual.

So my advice will always be, you get optimum long term results when you stay consistent with your regime, and however tempting it is to roll into bed after a night out (remember those?!) without removing your makeup, always take that extra couple of minutes to cleanse your face and pop a few drops of serum on, because I can guarantee when you wake, you might be feeling tired but your skin will feel hydrated, restored and refreshed.

If you have any skin questions, need advice or just looking for a change, head on over to Clockface Beauty and either take the skin quiz in the Skin Clinic for your perfect routine or select “Ask Sarah” and get directly in touch.

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