The Clocktower


The Clocktower

Balancing my family life with the business has always been one bit easier thanks to the home office!

Our garden annexe is lovingly referred to as The Clocktower, and it’s the head office for Clockface Beauty. Mum and I work from there every day, we hold meetings with our marketing team, we test products, and we even pack orders. And when we’re done for the day, we’re one short walk across the garden away from the house.

It’s a game-changer for our working day, as I’m such a big believer in creating the right setting for work. If my space feels right, I feel motivated and inspired to deliver.

So here are just some of my top tips for creating the perfect workspace at home.

1. Have a designated workspace.

This doesn’t have to be an entire room, but you do need a space to make your own. A space at the dining table or at the kitchen table can even be packed away each night – but make it your own when you’re working. Put all of the things you need out ready, once you’re at the space, you’re in work mode.

2. Think of the ambience.

Ideally, you’re locking yourself with some peace and quiet. But that’s not always doable. So when you can’t shut the door to block out the external noise, try using some headphones. If Mum’s on a work call, I listen to a relaxing soundtrack (nothing with words cause I just sing along!) which works as relaxing white noise for me. My current favourite is the Bridgerton Instrumental soundtrack, but let me know what works for you!

3. Use fragrance to inspire.

The right fragrance in the room can completely lift your mood. We always have oil burning in our office with notes that are chosen to lift us! We of course opt for the Clockface Beauty Essential Oil Blend in Rejuvenate, but you can choose anything which ignites your mind. Perhaps a citrus candle, or even a spritz of your favourite perfume.

4. Keep things tidy.

A tidy desk makes for a tidy mind! You have to get into the habit of clearing your office on a night. Future you will love you for it! Even if you’re in the position to close your door on the office, opt for tidying the desk, filing away any papers and leave the room the way you want to enjoy it tomorrow.

5. Stay inspired.

This is one of my favourites! When you work, you have to stay inspired. In The Clocktower, we have photography on the walls which shows off our journey so far. We have a magazine rack filled with all of our features and reviews. We have the product on display. And we have a huge board that highlights some of our goals for the future. Surround yourself with inspiration. And if you’re working from a shared space, try smaller things such as changing your desktop photo to a montage of inspiring pics.

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